Voice Changer App Reviews

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Ne fonctionne pas

iPhone 4S iOS6 -> BUG !

Does not work at all

If you record a voice, the quality is so bad you barely understand anything.


This app is good but I wouldnt spend the 99 cents on it. Crashes way to much


this app is awsome its funny and gets a good laugh out of people. try singing jingle bells and put it to alien. youll laugh real hard. 4 stars for this app. well spent money


Does not record anything else but the only thing that does work is the 15 sec of silence I recorded the first time I used it


This app sucks, dont waste your money

Are you kidding me?

Okay so I bought this and let me tell u it sucked. I have the iPod touch second generation and the application said that I would need the second generation. I was so mad I tried to record some stuff but the recorder never worked DONT BUY IT. I spent 2 bucks on this and it wasnt good at all.


dont get this its a wast of money. the recording sucks. trust me dont wast ur frign money. I dont np what to say but bull


when i record it does nothing then when i press play i brings me to main menu who would what this

Works well

It works perfect for me (on iPhone 3G) I have been having lots of fun with it.


I just downloaded it on my iPhone, and theres no sound after I record. Waste of 2 dollars

Big waste

Doesnt work dont buy this

It works and its a good thing

I dont know why it doesnt work for some people, but it works for me and its really good!

Crashingggg 

The new version wont let me see what ive recorded and it takes me out of the app. Fix it pleaseeee! 

Thr update



Thats of fun XD

Fun app, but...

The update needs to be fixed! The app worked great until I downloaded to update, then voice changer would no longer open!

Good app, but delays in live

Very good app, like a mix between sonic vox and voices, if you want a five star review please fix this problem in the next updates


This App was the biggest waste of 0.99 cents. It does not sound real at all and I think Im probably just going to delete it.

Waste of money and time!!! Not even worth 1 star.

Complete waste of 99¢. I wish I wouldve read the reviews before I downloaded this app. It doesnt even work! Dont download!

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